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TheMommypreneurCompany.com is a fantastic site for motivated mothers looking to put their passion wholeheartedly into their work & their family. Looking at this beautiful website, I can’t help but feel inspired, excited, and hopeful all in one. For any mothers thinking that they’ve lost the abilities to chase their dreams after having children or working another job, ladies - think again! You can do anything you set your mind to, and this website will truly help you to realize that. Something I absolutely adore about themommypreneurcompany.com is how they truly brings mothers together to support & inspire one another to chase their aspirations & dreams no matter what. I would highly suggest any and all mothers join the mommy movement, and watch just how much of a positive impact it has on your family life & your future.

— www.thinkbaby.org




When I tell you this is a tool that can help you in so many ways! It walks you through things as far as preparing, brain storming, and understanding knowledge from others. This is a great workbook that will definitely get you prepared in becoming a great Business woman/man. This workbook will give you great confidence on how to be successful  and juggle other things in your everyday life.





For years I had a passion in doing party event planning. I put so much effort into my kids parties, & family and friends baby showers. After all those years I never thought of turning it into a business because I had no idea where to start. But after reading The Workbook That Every Woman Needs Whens Starting a Business, and answering the questions you asked, it help me put a lot of thought into figuring out where to start.