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Purchase Tickets For The 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Business Conference Here! 05.05.2019

This event was created for women who are looking to start a business or build their current business, and for moms to celebrate motherhood.

Every year when mother’s day comes around we instantly start thinking about what we should do for our mom but we failed to do something for ourselves. So The Mommypreneur Company wanted to create a self care event for the younger moms as well.

We have a jammed packed day planned for women:

  • 8am-Registration

  • 9am-12pm-10 Workshop Tables

  • 12-1pm-Lunch

  • 1pm-3pm-Steps To Success Panel Session

  • 4pm-Break

  • 5pm-Networking/shopping

  • 6pm-Red Carpet

  • 7pm-9pm Fashion Show

  • 9pm-11pm-After Party


Our Mission

Our mission here at the mommypreneur company is to Empower, Support, and Uplift mommies who are in business and mommies who are looking to start a business. We're dedicated to bringing like minded moms together to inspire each other.



Our Vision


To be a movement for moms in business or moms who are looking to start a business. We want mommies to know that you can still chase your dreams and goals while working full or part time and while being a mommy and raising a family. We understand that sometimes it's a struggle to find balance.  We want mommies to know that they can have a successful business and raise a family at the same time.

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